There could be a couple of reasons for this, and are as follows:

If you requested an estimate, but haven't gotten one yet, your representative may not have finished preparing the estimate for you quite yet. Estimates are normally available within 72 hours of your free in-home consultation (although usually much sooner). 

If you received an estimate or invoice via email or text message, but you don't see it in Client Hub, your estimate may not have synchronized from our accounting system quite yet to be viewable in client hub. Usually you should see it in available online a few hours after you receive your email, although in some cases we have seen it take up to a couple days for it to synchronize. (although this is a very rare occasion). If it has been longer than 7 days without being able to view it in client hub, please send us an email at and we can get the problem taken care of for you same day. 

If you received an estimate, but it has been longer than 45 days without a response from you in regards to moving forward or making changes to the estimate, the estimate will be archived, and removed from your client hub since the estimate expires after 30 days from the initial date. It may still be honored depending on material prices for your job if you do decide to move forward after the initial 30 days, and if not, the price shouldn't be much different. The additional 15 days to view an expired estimate past the initial 30 is for your convenience to view the estimate and have more time to make a well thought out decision and research your choices. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and would like to give you every opportunity to feel comfortable in your decisions.

Please note that estimates that are acted on, will always be available for you on client hub. All invoices, appointments, and payments will always be available for you on client hub regardless.